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Economy is not physics

18 Apr 2015

This sentence1 seems to have vast and sometimes not well understood consequences. I'll try to collecto some thoughts here.

  1. There is no such thing as law of economy. There are rules which are not completely random and they work in most cases, and taht is all. I've learnt about that at my economy classess so I assume this is not a surprise for anyone who attended one too.
  2. People can change the rules. Although many rulse result from others somewhat automatically, some still can be changed. For example: it costs money to borrow money for a period of time. Some may say it is impossible to forbid taking money for lending money. They are wrong, at least those who, at the same time, agree with me that it is good to punish for bribery.
  3. Physicists should not be allowed to work in banks. At least not until they take and some social science courses to learn that they are going to deal with people and not with falling apples.
  4. People without resources depend on people who have resources, not on market or some impersonal laws or forces.



As of today (2015-04-18) DuckDuckGo shows only six hits for this exact phrase. Google, only five.