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Sport Trainer, introduction

04 Apr 2014

A while back a friend of mine encouraged me to obtain an RC plane. He recommended me Piper J3 EPP available at Cyber Fly. After we met I did some research to learn about servos, motors, ESCs, radios and all the stuff that has changed since I was a little boy dreaming about flying a plane on the playground. A lot has has changed! Back then most electric motors had a hard time pulling themselves off the ground not to mention cells and a plane. Most polymer materials weren't there at least not as readily available cheap products. And last but not least the analog radios operated at ~30MHz which meant huge (~1.25m) antennae, not quite easy to handle for a fellow not much higher than that.

In my research I spotted Mikey's RC videos. I was really impressed by his Pylon Racer but it was the Sport Trainer that made me think: hey this is so easy, I must have this one! I can have it! I like this feeling. I've always been a bit mechanically challenged and prefered clicking a keyboard rather than tinkering with physical objects. Now I feel ready to try something completely different.

I've got Mikey's plans (that was easy) and two 1000x700x5 mm sheets of FOAM-X foamboard (pol. płyta piankowa) 16 zł (4 €) each at Pracownia Scenografa. Here's the first catch, the wings are 40" which is 16 mm longer then the sheet. I can't wait to find what's next.